Who we are


Deuoxtonion literally means : "Of Gods and People".

Deuoxtonion is a group of volunteers with a passion for early history in Flanders, specifically the Iron Age. The image most people picture of Iron Age culture is still largely influenced by the very biased story of Gaius Iulius Caesar and therefore incorrect. Our living history project tries to give a truthful impression of daily life in an extended family in Flanders around the year 60 B.C. Let´s say, just before Roman legions began wreaking havoc in these parts of Northern Europe.

What we offer

Deuoxtonion tries to give an impression of daily life and crafts in the Iron Age in Flanders, based on historical and archaeological sources. We use ancient techniques in an attempt to test archaeological hypotheses and understand life in the Iron Age better. Our group includes experienced craftsmen (and -women) who have the skills and knowledge to demonstrate crafts and describe the historical context. We offer demonstrations of the following crafts:

  • Textiles:
    • Cleaning, combing, spinning of wool and linen fibres
    • Inkle weaving, tablet weaving, weaving on the warp weighted loom ...
    • Reconstruction of authentic Iron Age clothing
  • Leatherwork
  • Cooking with indigenous ingredients and Iron Age tools
  • Chainmail making
  • Woodcarving
  • Pottery
  • Basketry
  • Fire making
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